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Ball Mill Upgradation project with 5 new STARK electric motors

One of our long-term clients, who expressly insisted on continuing cooperation with STARK electric motors, approached us for the upgrade of production facilities in the Cement plant. To the mutual satisfaction and trust of both parties and after a detailed analysis of the complete documentation and the client’s needs, STARK produced and delivered the following electric motors to the client directly in the cement plant.

STARK Motor SCLVF400-4-965-TC Squirrel Cage VFD Motor IEC400 400kW 400/690V 50Hz 4 Poles IC416 | 1 unit
STARK Motor SCLVF500-6-965-TC Squirrel Cage VFD Motor IEC500 950kW 400/690V 50Hz 4 Poles IC416 | 2 units
STARK Motor SCVL315-6-415-TC Squirrel Cage DOL Motor IEC315 110kW 415V 50Hz 4 Poles IC411 | 1 unit
STARK Motor SCMV500-6-03T-TC Slip Ring LRS(Liquid-Rheostat) Motor IEC500 710kW 3300V 50Hz 6 Poles IC611 | 1 unit

STARK’s engineering consultation, the compilation of technical documentation, the delivery of the final documentation, and the final relationship in the conclusion of the contract was very accommodating and professional until the very last end.
Many years of STARK’s experience and engineering knowledge helped us choose the right product for the Cement plant expansion. 

Constant communication with the client and real time updates during the production of electric motors

An insight into the production stages and an online update with the sending of pictures, videos and a confirmation of the state of production were in accordance with the agreement. The production process was properly monitored and timely updated by the STARK company. The final test reports with inspection were submitted, and the transport organization was made and executed by STARK. The client stated: “We would emphasize that even in the face of inconvenient difficulties in many productions during the Pandemic-time, STARK was still able to produce and deliver all our projects without any difficulties, which shows the great organization and flexibility of a manufacturer.”

Global growing presence in Cement factories

Experts in the production and installation of electric motors from STARK are always available to the clients globally. This is a key for any of our clients, and clients can rely on STARK as a supplier for electric motors, which allows us to continue and build our cooperation and partnership with the clients from the Cement and any other industries on the global market.
For large and big cement plants, direct and fast communication is very important and one of the reasons why STARK is becoming an increasingly recognized brand and choice for buying new and replacing existing electric motors in various industries.
The production of STARK electric motors guarantees the client the highest technical requirements together with one of the fastest delivery times and most competent prices in today’s market.

STARK’s motors are well-known because of their durability and reliability brought by the high-quality production with Stark (German & Swiss) engineering guarantee.

If you are interested in cooperation and you want to know more about STARK electric motors, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your inquiry as soon as possible.


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