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STARK Drive Systems

High-quality industrial drive systems

STARK Gears & Gear motors

Standard, adjustable, servo, stainless steel and explosion proof gear motors. Ready for standard utilization or tailormade for a specific application.

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STARK Pump Systems

Pump systems in a wide range of configurations to fit your application needs. Each component is made to the highest standards in the industry.

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STARK Linear Motion

Linear motion components for fast accelerations and high speeds, while providing optimal accuracy. Various products such as linear guideways, ballscrews, actuators and motors.

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Industrial Drive Solutions

STARK Drive Systems are high-quality industrial drive solutions for companies that embrace the future of industry. Our products are the answer to the demand for reliable high performance drive solutions that meet European standards and at the same time are available at a very favorable price at an extensive network of worldwide distributors.

Our drive systems ensure optimum performance and maximum efficiency. Furthermore they are characterized by a high quality, accurate data, fast delivery, safe packaging and worldwide distribution.

STARK offers a comprehensive range of reliable electric motors, high voltage motors, stainless steel motors, forced ventilation, frequency converters, pumps, gears and gear motors and linear motors.

Companies all over the world use STARK Drive Systems in a variety of applications, machinery and equipment. Our products comply with the highest performance standards and quality requirements.

Benefits of STARK Drive Systems:

  • Designed to synergize
  • Ultra-compact drive system
  • EU engineered components
  • Available from stock
  • One single point of contact
  • Always compatible because of extensive testing
  • Advice and technical support in your own language

STARK News & Media

Read the latest STARK news, updates on our brands and developments in the drive industry.

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